An Award Winning Skincare Line that uses innovative stem cell technology, the ELEVAI E-Series™ product line captures the bodies’ natural repair response to optimize procedure outcomes for optimal skin health.

The ELEVAI E-Series™ products, Empower and Enfinity, were developed to provide both post-treatment skin support and ongoing daily aftercare. Both products contain exosomes; ultra-small, nanoparticle compartments packed with growth factors known to support skin health. The patent-pending ELEVAI Exosome™ is the powerhouse ingredient in all ELEVAI products and mimics the elegant repair process of nature along with a selection of high-quality actives to provide regenerative skin health for any skin type.

The powerhouse ingredient in ELEVAI products is the ELEVAI Exosome™. As exosomes penetrate the skin, they mimic the body’s natural healing responses and may reduce the appearance of skin damage and extrinsic aging caused by exposure to daily aggressors like pollution and UVA/UVB. Research shows exosomes appear to support improved blood flow as well as promoting collagen and elastin production to reveal visibly rejuvenated skin from the inside out.

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