The Sentient Sculpt™ is a revolutionary body sculpting technology.

NEW Sentient Sculpt™ Microwave Technology for Fat + Cellulite + Skin Tightening

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⚡️Localized fat
⚡️Skin tightening
Not a laser. Not RF. Proprietary 2.45GHz of energy destroys fat and cellulite while integrated cooling eliminates heat.
Benefits of Sentient Sculpt™
  • Well-tolerated experience—doesn’t hurt like invasive and painful body treatments
  • No social downtime or bruising—discrete and fast-healing process
  • The first-ever non-invasive cellulite and body sculpting treatment that consistently produces results
  • Quick results after treatment sessions
  • Safe to use on all skin types

The only non-invasive treatment that effectively targets cellulite on all skin types.

How does Sentient Sculpt™ work? Sculpt is remarkably effective and practically painless because it uses 2.45 Gigahertz energy, working from the inside out. This exclusive technology and flat-panel applicator means that 80% of Sculpt™ energy is absorbed in the fat layer instead of the skin.

Competing technology is primarily absorbed by the skin which causes pain and poor results.

Are you ready to evolve into your best self?

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